EnerQuest Oil & Gas, LLC is a privately held exploration and development company headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Founded in 1996, EnerQuest has been extremely successful in building a diversified portfolio of oil and gas assets that has generated profits every year since inception. This success has been achieved through key acquisitions, a talented team and adherence to a disciplined approach in our investment decision making. Over the years we have accumulated a wide variety of assets ranging from operated and non-operated oil and gas wells to hundreds of mineral interests throughout the United States.

EnerQuest is actively pursuing all methods to grow the oil and gas assets of the company by drilling self-generated prospects, acquiring existing production and enhancing the performance of existing assets. Unlike some companies, EnerQuest does not place many artificial boundary conditions on potential opportunities that it is willing to pursue or evaluate; for example specific plays or basins, minimum acquisition size, gas versus oil and etc.

Approximately five years ago EnerQuest geared up in a significant way to apply big data and data mining technologies to monitor new developing activity, to generate leads for prospect generation in conventional and unconventional plays and to assist with acquisition evaluations. It is expected that we will continue to be able to maintain growth by combining these tools with our extensive evaluation experience.

Meet The Team

Matt Mollman


Mark Singleton

Vice President - Exploration

Aaron Ivey

Director of Land

Adam Kilbourne

Controller/Business Development

David Mollman

Sr. Reservoir Engineer

Brad Cage

Director of Engineering Operations

Jacob Mollman

Operations Engineer


EnerQuest Oil & Gas, LLC currently operates oil and gas wells in five states with vertical depths ranging from 1800 to 25,000 feet. In addition to drilling many vertical wells in Louisiana and Texas, the company has drilled horizontal wells in Arkansas and Texas. Wellbores range in age from recent to the oldest being completed in 1942 and is still producing from its original set of perforations. The completion types include natural completions, tight reservoirs requiring hydraulic fracturing and unconsolidated sands requiring gravel packs.

The current portfolio of wells includes natural flowing oil and gas wells along with wells that are being rod pumped, gas lifted, and plunger lifted. In the past, the company has operated two enhanced recovery projects located in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Historically, the company has had the best economic success acquiring wells problematic for the prior operator located in old prolific producing areas.

Oklahoma Office

12368 Market Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73114


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